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Rehabilitative Work

Together-association organizes rehabilitative work for long-term unemployed immigrants based on the service-voucher model. At present our service is only for Turku residents.

The rehabilitative work is guided by the City of Turku and social services in cooperation with the TE Office. The client must have an updated multidisciplinary employment plan. When the person’s own clerk contacts the association, the client can be given an appointment.

The association organizes individual and group rehabilitation work. Individual rehabilitation work always begins with 3 months and can be extended for up to 24 months with the approval of the City of Turku and the TE Office. Group-based rehabilitative work always lasts only 3 months, after which it is possible for the customer to switch to individual rehabilitative work.

The group-based rehabilitative work includes studying Finnish with the guidance of an S2-qualified Finnish teacher. Group-based rehabilitative work takes place 2 times a week, 2-3 hours a day, after which the group participates in the daily rhythm of individual-based rehabilitative work. The customers are served daily lunch.

In the individual rehabilitative work, the main jobs are crafts and sewing. The customers maintain a small-scale sewing service where anyone can bring their fabrics or clothing, for example to repair, cut, shorten, customize, button change or zipper change.

Finnish is used in all social interaction. Both sewing instructions and social guidance are given in Finnish.

Daily exercise such as chair exercise, outdoor activities, and light aerobics are part of the daily routine. It is also possible for the customers to participate in the organization of various events and other activities of the association. Additional information: Tiia Bäcklund

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