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Support for employment

You can get employment support through the Together-association. The association has a rehabilitation work activity, which can be accessed by contacting the City of Turku or TE Office. It is possible for the association to hire a few people for different work assignments. The Association has several pay subsidy employees every year. Individuals can come on Fridays to seek employment assistance.

The Rehabilitation Work of the Together-association is aimed at long-term unemployed immigrants in Turku.

The TE Office can inform you about employers who could provide a place for you. The work try-out is a good option when you need to figure out your career options or you need support to get back on the job market. The work try-out is always based on the unemployed person’s needs. After you have made the contract, you can start your work try-out. The maximum amount of time for the work try-out is 6 months.

The Together-association employs a few people each year through the work-trial program. It can be done, for example, by guiding groups in the intercultural activities, guiding craft groups in rehabilitative work, teaching assistance, working as a kitchen assistant or as a cleaning assistant. The employees work approximately 4-6 hours a day 5 days a week, during either the morning or evening shift. The work try-out contract is tailored to the individual’s needs.

The pay subsidy is an economic benefit that a TE Office may grant an employer to cover pay costs of an unemployed jobseeker. The granting of pay subsidy is subject to an estimation made by the TE Office that the jobseeker’s unemployment is caused by the lack of professional competence, and work supported by the pay subsidy will enhance the jobseeker’s professional competence and opportunities to find work in the open labour market. Although a pay subsidy is granted and paid to the employer, the granting of the subsidy is always based on the unemployed jobseeker’s need for the service.

For pay subsidy assistance please contact Aida Bacic: aida.bacic@yhdessa.fi 044 744 5525.

On Fridays, the staff of the association is there to assist with CVs, adult student homework, job search, school placement, residence permits, and other official matters. You can book an appointment before Fridays or arrive directly. Info Friday at the Together-association the Intercultural Center, Nisse Kavon katu 3, 20610 TURKU is available every Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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