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Experiences from Together Association

I didn´t know much about Together Association before I came here for an interview and got an internship. Luckily I got to start work pretty soon and my new colleagues helped a lot.(so thank you for that). On my first day I went handing out information about our activities and to talk to people about the association. I don´t remember the last time I was so far out of my comfort zone. I shook hands with people and asked them HAVE YOU HEARD OF TOGETHER ASSOCIATION even though I only knew little myself, haha

Nico and I started the Junior Club. The amount of participants bacame stable little by little and the kids in the neighbourhood got to know the club. These days we have 10 to 15 kids every week, it´s been nice to do stuff and plan the big picture.

The Information Day has brought a lot of new things to learn and a feeling that I have really been helpfull to people both in every day things and in more complicated cases. I can also remember that not everything goes according to plan every time. When I was helping this one lady with her studies, in came an older Somali woman. She sat down next to a closed computer and looked at me. I smiled and looked back at her.

The Somali lady said KAUNIS (beautiful) and I stood there wondering what is beautiful. The lady looks at me again and again: KAUNIS. I smile and nod at her like a dumb person. The lady looks at me again, she looks a little fustrated this time, and says KAUNIS! I look at her a little fustrated and think WHAT CAN BE SO FRIGGING BEAUTIFUL ABOUT THIS! When the lady once again says KAUNIS, the light finally comes on in my head and I undertand that she wants me to turn on the computer. NOT KAUNIS (beautiful), BUT COULD I KÄYNNISTÄÄ (turn on) THE COMPUTER 😀

I have enjoyed myself here and learned a lot. I can´t even describe how great the community of colleagues is here. Everybody works together and wants to take the association further. The fact that I have found the godfather and godmother of my soon to be born child here tells a lot about how much I like the place and how near and dear my colleaques have become to me.


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