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Springtime with Covid-19 vol. 2: Greetings from Runosmäki

Times are still exceptional and unfortunately Covid-19 continues to affect the every day life in Together Association. We have been forced to give up gathering together and most of the activities have been transfered to online. We are living in weird times, but all of us in Together association will do our best to maintain the things that work and hold on to the sense of community, which is very important to us.

I started working as an Activity Supervisor in Intercultural Center in Runosmäki back in February and the virus has been present every day. Bells in the door ring less and less. Different groups that used to meet in Runosmäki don´t have their meetings and weeks don´t have the same rythm than in the time without Covid. Fortunately we can still do something.

Activity Supervisors and other staff members have been creative. In this case being creative often means making videos on different subjects. We have made videos on cooking, crafts, stories etc. The oriental dance group has moved to online and the music group sends greetings via video. We would be very happy to hear your ideas too. What kind of videos you would like to see on our Facebook page?

Despite all of this summer is coming. I really do hope that the restrictions loosen up a bit and we will be able to go on trips and outings together with all of you in summer. We´ll keep an close eye on the instructions given by the authorities and we´ll let you know when it´s safe to gather together. We have made many plans for the future, so keep your eyes and ears open. News about future activies are coming!

Our door has been kept open and every once in a while somebody comes in. Individual visitors learn English or Spanish with their teachers or practise mindfullness. Someone asks for a piece of advice on a practical problem, somebody else comes to make a donation or just for a coffee and a chat. It has been really nice. Come and visit us also in the future when you happen to walk by, we are here for you.

I wish all of you lots of sunny spring days!

Pauliina Activity Supervisor, Runosmäki Intercultural Center

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