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Story moments from Yhdessä-yhdistys

Yhdessä-yhdistys works to create a place of belonging for immigrants. This project does this work by collecting stories of immigrants and of Finns of various origins on what it means to have a multicultural society as told and lived in the diverse neighborhood of Varissuo. In their stories, some of the immigrants discuss challenges and joys of living in Finland, and how they use the knowledge and skills they bring from their countries of origin to build their lives in Finland. By sharing their stories, immigrants discuss and reflect on their perspectives on how they have come to find a sense of belonging in Finland and making the country their home.

The process of story-telling also is a way to build bridges between the many kinds of people who live in Finland.

We invite you to listen to these stories and gain a deeper understanding of the ways immigrants become a part of the fabric of Finland but also how they contribute to Finland as a nation and its culture.

Afghanistan: Family, music and dancing

Listen to our first story moment about moving to Finland from Afghanistan. Our storyteller talks about coming to Finland, what she enjoys doing with her family in Finland and her hopes to get Finnish citizenship.

Azerbaijan: Food, home and friends

Our storyteller today talks about the effort she had to make to come to Finland, her love for her family and about the life she has made in Turku.

Iran: Cooking, connections and trust

In this story moment, listen to reflections on life in Finland compared to life in Iran. Our storyteller shows these differences through examples and reflects on various aspects of Finnish and Iranian culture.

Estonia: Work, acting and nature

Our storyteller in this episode is a bit of a celebrity. Here about his many jobs and projects while living in his second home while still keeping close connections with his first home in Estonia.

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