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Together-association provides weekly groups of leisure activities. The purpose of these groups is to counteract exclusion and solitude but also to improve the attendants’ capability to cope in their everyday lives. The groups are free of charge and open for everyone. One can join any time, and as a rule no signing in is demanded in advance. The weekly calendar is renewed half-yearly. The range of activities is wide, from language groups to theatre improvisation, handicraft and dance.

The association participates in the organization of several annual events. The music festival Etnofest takes place in the heart of Varissuo every spring. The Anti-Racism Week celebration in March and the Multicultural Independence Day party in December are traditional, awaited events in Turku. In addition, small events like anniversaries, movie nights and sendoffs are frequently held in the Intercultural Center. The volunteer workers are called up at the end of each year in the Thank You Party.

Every week one day is reserved for individual help and support. Customers get help in their job applications, dealings with public institutions and minor computer problems. Adult students are offered help with their homework.

The above intercultural activities are funded by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organizations (STEA).