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Volunteering for Together Association

Volunteering for Together Association

As a volunteer for Together Association you can promote immigrants’ integration and further interaction between native Finns and immigrants. As a volunteer you can get experience in acting in multicultural and intercultural environment. As a volunteer you have an opportunity to meet interesting people.

There are many ways to do volunteer work for Together Association. You can do something once or engage to do volunteering for a longer period. A suitable way of volunteering is planned together with you and it is based on your own wishes, life situation, skills and know-how.

As a volunteer you can, for example,

a) act as a hobby group leader, teach in language groups or assist actual group leaders

b) help adult immigrant students with their homework

c) be a babysitter for small children while immigrant mothers are studying Finnish

d) lead a hobby group of a very particular theme that is based on your own special skills

e) help to organize events and festivals or perform on stage

f) be a member of our association and take actively part in its management.

You can also suggest your own way to do volunteer work. While volunteering you will be supported by the coordinator of volunteer work and by other volunteers of Together Association.

How to get started?

Before you can start volunteering we interview you and brief you for volunteer work.

We want to make sure that volunteer work for Together Association suits you and your life situation. We require our volunteer workers to be genuinely willing to help and to be interested in multicultural work.

If you are interested contact Terhi Toppala, the coordinator of volunteer work: [email protected]


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