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Who are we

The aim of Together-association is to consolidate multicultural society where various language and culture groups act together. The association is open for both Finns and migrants.

The association was established in 1998 by a group of activists who wanted to create a forum and a place where people from different origins could come together. They thought adapting to the new, multicultural society is as important for Finns as integrating in Finland is for immigrants. This objective is still relevant.

Together-association hosts the Intercultural Center close to the shopping mall of Varissuo, Turku, which is one of the most multicultural suburbs in Finland. As a meeting point it makes it easy for anyone to step in. The association organizes activities of its own and also offers their premises to other communities so that they can carry out their cultural activities, courses and events. Together-association and other actors of Varissuo cooperate in developing the area and promoting the interests of its habitants.

The association promotes immigrants’ access to the labour market and offers free and open leisure time activities.

The association is led by a 6-member board:


Muhiadin Hersi, chairman

Agim Sopjani, vice chairman

Tiia Bäcklund, secretary

Juho Luoto, treasurer

Domi Lam

Naci Akkanat

Habib Liban

Muhiadin Hersi

Muhiadin Hersi


Tel. 044 335 9118